Friday June 3

Off to the south we went this afternoon from Orcas Landing. The Bald
Eagles were in the trees along Shaw Island and the Lopez nest was
active. We looked at the Cormorant condos of stacked up sticks on
Goose island, near the Cattle Pass Lighthouse.
The beautiful blue sky made the water look incredible. Initially it
was a look out at the bait balls with common Muirs and Rhinoceros
Aucklets and Harbor Seals pushing up the bait. Then surfaced a Minke
Once we got into a rhythm we saw five Minke whales doing figure
eights through the bait. Flat calm waters made the viewing very
rewarding. It was so beautiful.
On the way back in we stopped by Mummy rock and saw great Harbor
Seal haul outs. There were Harbor Porpoise in San Juan channel and
Griffin Bay. Lots of amazing views and a pleasant ride back in. A
treat as we rounded the corner between Lopez and Shaw was Mount Baker
in all it’s glory. Folks from Great Britain, Virginia, Florida, Ohio
and even a leather clad biker all the way from Los Angeles commented
on what a nice trip it was.

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