Friday, May 20

Today's trip took us out to past Hein Bank area toward Smith Island. 
South & East of the SJ. Islands It was there we encountered J-Pod. We 
stayed with Granny J-2 who is 100 years old this year. Quite 
remarkable. Her son was Ruffles, our favorite Orca that recently did 
not return with his pod. RIP Ruffles. He was a dear Orca friend and 
is truly missed.  "Granny J-2" Ruffles mom has taken up with 
"Speiden"J-8 another of her offspring. Also with Speiden was L-87 who 
has adopted J-8 as his surrogate mother after he lost his mom last year.
        Close by was Sachi J-19 and our name sake "Eclipse J-41". Eclipse is 
6 years old now and has grown into quite a handsome healthy Orca.
  Smith island looked sparkly white in the sun. Along the way out 
fishing were common muirs, surf scooters, pigeon guillimots and 
rhinoceros aucklets. Such lovely sights. On the return up Rosario 
straights we saw a close nest on James island with a Bald Eagle in 
it.. Mount Baker was out in all it's glory. Wild flowers paint the 
shores of our delicate outer islands.
Another special day out on the water. As the air felt cool on the 
return many enjoyed a hot cup of cocoa with Land o Lakes whip cream ! 
Yum yum .

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