Friday September 9th; 2011

J &K Pods visited our waters today. There were large schools of pink
salmon coming to the surface out at Salmon bank. Sort of unusual, so
many at once raising to the surface with out whales chasing them.
Flat calm waters, the Orca whales were vocalizing throughout the
boat. We have lots of speakers for the hydrophone, underwater
microphone. We drifted on and off for almost an hour and listened to
the harmonies of the whales.
Great viewing.
On the return trip in, we stopped at the Stellar Sea Lions hauled
out on whale rocks. South of the islands.
Lots of seagulls, Oyster catchers were on the rocks. Gulls &
Phalaropes, and rhinoceros, aucklets floating around in and on the
kelp. Lots of seals along the rocks and fishing near their Moms.
We viewed Bald eagles along the Lopez shore line and the north side
of Shaw Island on the way home.

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