Monday June 20th

We had an absolutely gorgeous whale watching experience today. As we
left the dock, the sun was shining, the seas were calm and we found J-
pod heading north along the west side of San Juan Island. The pod was
a bit spread out at first, stopping to feed in Open Bay for quite a
while (lots of tail-slapping and spy-hops), but then grouped up and
swam at a leisurely pace in a beautiful, synchronized line along
Kellet Bluff. Captain Dan placed us in a perfect spot to see most of
the pod pass by, including a couple of large males, Blackberry (J-27)
with his siblings and Onyx (L-87, who's been traveling with the J's),
as well as Doublestuff (J-34) with his family, Sachi (J-19) with
Eclipse (J-41), and others.

After spending quite a while with the orcas, we headed up to Spieden
Island, where we encountered several adult bald eagles, some soaring
and some perched in shoreline trees, looking so regal with the bright
blue sky behind them! The active nest was easy to see, but the chick
(s) were hunkered down and hiding today.
There were also several harbor seals along the shore, including some
VERY round females, as pupping season has just begun. Also, we had
great views of some exotic game on Spieden: European Fallow Deer and
Moufflon Sheep. The rams were displaying their enormous curved horns
to the females nearby. To top off the day, Deb spotted a few very
small Canada Geese goslings with their parents on a shoreline bluff –
very sweet!

A few harbor porpoises appeared on our way home – icing on the cake!
Our guests seemed very happy with the trip – lots of interest and
questions about our wildlife, which is always a treat for the

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