Monday June 6

With the beautiful weather, we headed east down Harney Channel. Hung
a right between Lopez and Shaw islands. At Sandy Point there was an
eagle on a tree. As we went across toward Griffin Bay the Harbor
Porpoise greeted us. We were heading on the way to Salmon Bank. As we
passed by Whale rocks there was a fantastic Harbor seal haul out and
several Stellar Sea Lions.
Over to Goose Island the Cormorants were using their newly rebuilt
nests, refreshed for the season. At Cattle Point Light house we were
fortunate to initially see a mother and a calf Minke swimming side by
side out in the distance.

Then a Minke whale lunge feeding and another one. We got into a
rhythm and had some great sightings. Cruising over to the Salmon Bank
buoy. We saw a California Sea lion on one side and a Stellar Sea lion
on the other. Today they decided to share the buoy . Yesterday they
were fighting over it. Check out the image sent to us on our face
book page from a visitor yesterday.
Back across the entrance of San Juan channel there was another Minke
Whale. They are often called stinky Minke's when they exhale they
smell of a very strong of fishy odor.

Heading inside the channel toward Lopez's Long Island, we saw an
occupied nest that is very large. 8×10 foot nest. The largest one in
the area. Quite a sight. We slowed down by Canoe Island and the warm
sun was warm and pleasant as we headed back toward the landing.
Another great day. For you boat lovers we saw the 143 foot
"Westport" vessel named "Alliance" Wow ! Probably heading to Alaska
or points north for the summer.

A note about the resident Orca whales…We have heard people are
catching allot of salmon out on the ocean side of Vancouver Island.
Beyond the entrance of the Straights of Juan de Fuca. That is where
the whales are. They need food. They eat 100 to 300 pounds of salmon
per whale, per day. With all the high water in the rivers, the salmon
are late in coming in from the Ocean. So we are having an unusual
start to the season. The transients Orca have moved on as well for
the time being.
We heard about some spotted down in Hood Canal. One or two here and
there. There are lots of seals down sound.

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