Saturday, June 11th

Today was a sighting of J-Pod Orca north of Salmon bank. Each trip
is unique. We passed by Lopez and San Juan islands. Out to Cattle
pass. Started up toward South Beach and up and around. Near Eagle
Point here came the Orca. We were surprised by young male whales
initially. We moved further off shore.

Ahead by False bay more small family groups travelling along. As we
travelled many of the whales went on a deep dive off shore . Out in
those waters it can be 1100+ feet. They dispersed in different
directions. Then it was a whale here and a whale there. They were
definitely fishing. Popping up in the glassy waters of Haro Straights.
When the people were satisfied with a nice whale watch we headed up
the coast of San Juan. Little did they know they would get a home
tour as well . We went through Mosquito pass and saw Roche Harbor up
close. Looked at the Lime Kilns almost hidden with all the development.

There was a crow dogging a Bald Eagle. It kept diving, diving,
diving, until it chased the eagle off away from it’s nest. The water
was calm and sky was blue on the way home. Lots of activity on
Speiden Island and then headed east to Orcas through the Wasp Islands.

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