Boat Tours to See Wildlife in Orcas, WA

Located at the Orcas Island Ferry Terminal.

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Whale Watching (Approx. 3.5 hr.) With ever-changing cycles of nature, each tour is unique. You will discover the excitement of meeting whales, eagles and more in their natural habitat. An unpredictable United Stats Flagwilderness, full of surprises, is waiting just for you. You will never forget it!
Charter tours for wildlife in Orcas, WA.
Observation de Baleines (Approx. 3.5 hr.) Avec les cycles constamment changeants de la nature, chaque sortie est différente. Découvrez les baleines et bien d’autres animaux dans leur environnement naturel
Walfahrt (Approx. 3.5 hr.) Aufgrund des ständig weschselnden Kreislaufs der Natur wird jerder Ausflug zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis. Sie werden eine spannende Erfahrung machen bei der Begegnung mit Walen, German FlagAdlern und vielen weiteren frei lebenden Tieren.
Boat tours to see wildlife and orcas in WA.
Avistaje de Ballenas… ¡Bienvenidos a Bordo! (Approx. 3.5 hr.) Debido a los cambios constantes de la naturaleza, cada viaje es distinto. Descubrirás la emoción de ver a las ballenas y las águilas en sus hábitos German Flag naturales y mucho más. Te espera una experiencia conmovedora plena de sorpresas.¡Un recuerdo que nunca olvidarás!

Enjoy an Orca Whale (aka Killer Whales) nature tour on Orcas Island’s all weather family style boat and Renew Your Spirit with Nature.

U.S.C.G. Licensed Master Capt. Daniel Wilk was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Dan and Denise Wilk have 29 years combined island residency. Both have extensive boating careers.

We have a trained Naturalist on board and are waiting to share the adventure with you!

There is a small library for your convenience. We also offer the Orca Whale adoption program through the Whale Museum.

We provide special interests for the little whale watchers in the family — coloring and educational books for their enjoyment.